Wednesday, July 11, 2012


The Dance Company Presents
The Best of Broadway!
One of the Musical Numbers that they performed is a medley of Music from The Wizard of Oz I made the costumes for the "Lullaby League" which included Fabulous tutus, neckbands that looked like petals, and fun flower poofs for their hair!
I also made the Flying Monkey costumes whcih included Bolero style vests, headbands with the hats and ears attached!!!

Want more info on this great dance company?
20 Years of Shows!!!!!

New Aprons!!!

Did You Know I make Custom Aprons?
 These two aprons were made for an owner of The Cake Pop Company called!/CakePopsByLea  
She picked out and purchased all of the fabrics and the designs she was looking for and I made them for her!
What can I make for YOU?

New Lobster Dresses are a Hit!

New Designs for Summer Fun!!!

New dresses for the girlies meant a Photo shoot in Camp Ellis!

I Think they enjoyed themselves!!!

 We LOVE Lobster in Maine!!!
I Love creating Fun and Practical Clothing for kids to wear!!!
What can I make for You today?