Saturday, January 28, 2012

Rapunzel 6th Birthday Party!

Rapunzel's Tower!
The Party Room!
The Pinata that cost me $1.50 to make! I bought a star pinata for $1.50 on clearance
and then changed the
sides by adding images from Tangled and a little bit more tissue paper!
Rapunzel's Hair, hairbow hangers! The girls recieved these and then at the party
they added flowers and ribbons to personalize it
"Pasquale" the chamelion from Tangled, blowers!
and Little hairclips with Rapunzel hair
Finished projects
Rapunzel's Tower, made from 25cent roll of silver wrapping paper, recycled boxes from Christmas, few pieces of tissue paper and leftover pieces from the silk flowers!
The Birthday girl looked great next to the Tower!

Hats Galore!!!

Newborn football hat! $10
A bat and a Koala! $14
Owls $10-$14