Monday, January 19, 2009

Valentine's Day is Coming!

Valentine's Day is fast approaching....Do you have a Cute outfit for your little ones? Let me know I can make reversible dresses with Valentine's on one side, or an outfit like I made my little ladies!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Skier Cake

I could not find a skier figurine so I made one myself!
This is what it looks like with gumpaste on top of the wire.

The cake all put together!

"It's all downhill from here"

For a 30th Birthday Party!

New Outfits!

I have newly discovered cotton knit fabrics, it is really soft and movable and really fun to sew! I have made the girls some new outfits that fit their LOVES!

Lindsay's Dress is Blue (her favorite color) and is covered in Apples, which she is obsessed with!
Lilly's dress is covered with Poodle Dogs and Bouquets of Flowers (she is obsessed with dogs right now).

Hello Kitty Hats!

This hat was made for my two little girls who LOVE Hello Kitty!
Do You have someone who Loves Hello Kitty as well?