Monday, February 6, 2012

Rockin' 8th Birthday

A Fun Group of Rock Stars!!!!
Lilly recieved a Purple Acoustic guitar from Santa this past Christmas and has been dreaming of being a rock star ever since! So it only made sense to have her 8th Birthday be a Rock Star party!
You have to have applause after perfomances, the girls LOVED these clappers!
Every pop star loves sweets!
I made cupcake microphones and the girls made their own ice cream sundaes!

Willy Wonka Birthday Party!

Every year we do a combined family/close friend Birthday party for our two oldest girlies! Last fall we read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl and thought what a fun theme for a birthday party!
Since the Party was held in late January I hit up all the after Christmas clearance sales and was able to buy all of the candy for 75-90% off!
The cake was made to be the candy room they walk through and the 'chocolate river' in the center where Augustus Gloop falls in, ours was made with chocolate pudding! The entire cake was edible and devoured by everyone!
I found these great star shaped Pinata's at a local discount store for $1.20 on clearance, they had a cheerleading theme so I covered them over with images from the movie and the book and added a bit more tissue paper!
A Fun time was had by all!